Students will learn foundational skills to help them be successful in their middle school classes. Students will learn how to do long-term planning and how to use electronic or paper planners to keep themselves organized. Additionally, students will learn how to organize themselves and their materials. This will include how to organize their notebooks and binders for class, ways to keep their materials organized when traveling to and from school and home, and how to ensure they go to each class prepared with the materials they need. 
Students will learn how to use technology responsibly. Students will learn how to create appropriate emails as well as email etiquette. They will learn about how the tone of an email can impact the person who is reading it. Students will also learn about reply all and the appropriateness of forwarding emails, email chains, and privacy. Students will also learn how to ensure their emails have a subject line that matches the email. They will work on proofreading their emails before sending them.
Students will also engage in activities lending themselves to Chromebook care and usage. They will learn how to use and take care of their Chromebooks as well as their responsibilities to charge them overnight and bring them in each day to school. They will learn how to store them properly in their backpacks and at home when charging. They will learn how to use Google Apps as well as Google Classroom. Additionally, students will learn how to responsibly have documents that they own and share, including how to responsibly share their own and other's docs, as well as their responsibility when owning a doc or having privileges to a doc that someone else owns.