Reading Notes

Reading Notes

Conflict :
a struggle, a problem, or a difficult decision.


External Conflict: a struggle between a character and an outside force, such as a dangerous animal, a storm, or another character.


Internal Conflict: a struggle within the character’s mind, such as a difficult decision.



Information the author supplies in the text + information that I have about the world=Inferencing

Skilled Readers:

  1. Recognize antecedents for pronouns
  2. Figure out the meaning of unknown words form context clues
  3. Understand intonation of the character’s words
  4. Identify characters’ beliefs, personalities, and motivations
  5. Understand characters’ relationships to one another
  6. Provide details about the setting
  7. Provide explanations for events or ideas that are presented in the text
  8. Off details for events or their own explanations of the events presented in the text
  9. Understand the author’s view of the world
  10. Recognize the author’s biases
  11. Relate what is happening in the text to their own knowledge of the world



A metaphor is a comparison of two things that have some quality in common. A metaphor does not contain the words like, as, than, or resembles.

Example: There was a ribbon of road through the farmland.

A tangible item has mass and can be touched.

An intangible item item cannot be touched.


Tangible Intangible

Happiness people

Sadness water

Hope things

Dreams anything with mass






(Intangible item) is a (tangible item) because _______________________________________________________________.


Point of View

Point of view is the way a story is told. That is, point of view is who is telling the story – one of the characters or the narrator.

1st Person

The narrator, the person or character who tells about the story is involved in the events. The narrator refers to himself or herself as “I” or “me”.

3rd Person

Narrator describes the events but does not have a part in them. Narrator refers to all characters a s “he”, “she”, or “they”.



A simile is a comparison of two things that have some quality in common. Unlike a metaphor, a simile contains a word such as like, as, resembles, or than.



The night moon was round and white like my Sunday hat.


In this example, the shape of the moon is compared to that shape of the hat using the word like.