Briley, Jennifer

Seventh Grade World Studies

Tips to Understanding World Studies

  1. This is a writing based class.
  2. If you notice a zero in Power School your student has either (a) Missed School, (b) Neglected to Submit Work to Google Classroom, or (c) Did not complete the work.
  3. I am available to meet and work with students from 2:30 to 2:50PM. 
  4. Remind your student to sign the Take Ownership Form in Class to record any make-up work, missing assignments or any redo assignments.
  5. Students are always welcome to redo an assignment if they are unhappy with their grade. They have two weeks to complete it once they receive the grade.
  6. Check in the below area to learn more about the content of this course. 


What is going on in our class?

During September and  October, 7th grade World Studies students are focused on the Middle East. They generated new understandings in regards to history, culture, politics and conflict. They also became more familiar with three major religions originating in the Middle East and World (Islam, Christianity and Judaism).  

In November and December student investigated and studied Africa. They became more familiar with regional differences and similarities. As a class we read Journey to Jo'Burg to understand struggles felt due to the system of Apartheid. Students also focused on modern day heroes making a difference in Africa; they used Powtoons to share their new understandings with classmates. 

Upon returning to school in 2018 7th grade World Studies students are diving into the country of India. Additionally students will be learning about countries that border India. They will become more knowledgeable about the origins of Hinduism as well as Buddhism; they will also analyze the life of Gandhi. Finally, students will embark on a peaceful protest in regards to a school or life related struggle.